Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What Scrapbooking is to me ...

What Scrapbooking Means To Me

When I first started out in the digi world, I was like a lost
kitten, had no clue how to start and what to do. I got my start
making coordinated pages for spades tournaments that were held

From there, I started working with other people's tutorials. These
were geared at making what is known as "tags", using "tagger" sized
scrapkits along with "tubes" and/or posers. All I knew is I was
having fun learning new techniques and what I thought was art.
I started writing tutorials after that and learned even more.
It was fun, then it was tedious and boring, everything looking
the same, nothing that inspired me anymore. I needed a change.

One day, I just happened to see a beautiful layout someone had made
and started asking around about it and what exactly it was.
I thought how cool is that, using these awesome digital kits along
with my photos to create something like that. From then on I was

I walked away from writing tag tutorials and the such. Put my oh so
many cd's of tubes and tagger kits away and started off fresh.
It did take some time for me to get the difference between
full size and tagger size but, once I did, it was on for me.

I now absolutely love creating layout pages using photos of
my kids or grand kids. Preserving my memories, it is so
rewarding to me. My plan/goal is to eventually have these
pages printed out into a book as I just have never been
interested in paper scrapbooking.

Using a collection/kit along with a fabulous template is a lot
of fun, I love combining them. Makes it all the better when
you have a kit/template combo that just seem to go
hand in hand. I love figuring out which of my pictures I
want to use with whichever kit I am working with at the time.

Preserving Memories one layout page at a time!!!!
That is scrapbooking to me.

Until next time,

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